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The Consolidated Global Group is expanding their global portfolio and seek additional partners globally to become a part of our organization! Our strategy involves our partnering with approved existing and start up operations that meet our investment criteria, where the specific division of the Group (of which there are ten primary divisions) will become their equity partner, and in certain cases we will consider a debt / equity strategy as well, where the applicant company becomes a subsidiary or member company of the Group, where the existing management remains, but one of our management team at Board Level will be added to the Board, and the applicant company has to subscribe to the Consolidated Global Group corporate strategy and policy in all dealings, with all financial, logistics. procurement and administrative management functions taken over by the centralized Regional Head Office situated at the relevant SEZ HUB, all reporting to the Global head Office. IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO GROW AND DEVELOP AS A PARTNER IN A GLOBAL OPERATION THAT FITS IN ANY OF THE ABOVE, AND CAN MEET OUR QUALIFICATION CRITERIA, CONTACT US ON admin@consolidatedglobalgroup.com IN THE FIRST INSTANCE, AND WE WILL RESPOND WITHIN 48 HOURS. APPLICANTS NEED TO HAVE COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS PLANS, CASH FLOW PROJECTIONS AND AUDITED ACCOUNTS, BE FREE OF CRIMINAL AND / OR CIVIL INDICTMENTS AND HAVE PROVEN CAPABILITY AND A TRACK RECORD IN THEIR INDUSTRY SECTOR.

Consolidated Global Group USA has agreed to invest on an equity basis into a mixed use residential and retirement complex development in Georgia, USA to develop 186 homes and a High Care Facility

Consolidated Global Group UK is making a bid to acquire a mixed use estate for redevelopment based on their UK planning to establish the CGG Group Head Offices in Glasgow, Scotland

Consolidated Global Group is in advanced negotiations to buy a UK based company that specializes in Aerospace Technical Maintenance & Servicing

Consolidated Global Group Botswana is in negotiations to acquire a complex that will shortly be refurbished into the first African central SEZ HUB and retail distribution centre servicing the SADEC region with the provision of products online and in store through the Consolidated Retail Holdings outlets and online facility

Consolidated Global Group is in the process of negotiating to acquire a significant section of land in Madagascar on which to develop a new international Finance, Import & Export City with it’s own international Airport, Deep Water Harbour, Oil Terminal, Cruise Line Terminal, Luxury hotel resorts, Villas, Apartments, Hospital & University and Retirement Complex for international Expats. MOST Southern and Central African capital cities only 6 hours away!

Consolidated Global Group, Mining Division, signs JVA with Varun Group Madagascar subsidiary, Madagascar Energy Corporation sarl to exploit HMS Concessions owned by Madagascar Energy Corporation with reserves of 25,000mt per month at present

Consolidated Global Group, Mining Division, signs JVA with Varun Group Madagascar subsidiary, Madagascar Energy Corporation sarl to exploit Gold Concessions owned by Madagascar Energy Corporation with unknown reserves at present



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