Company History

Founded in May 2011 by Grant Hatlen and Rethea Newell, the CGG Group was initially founded with the intention to become a mining operation Head Office in the UK for African Mining operations the company intended to pursue.

This was not meant to be, as Rethea had been in the property industry all her adult life and the desire to reenter the sector was to strong, and Grant as a banker and financial man found the financial services sector was knocking at his door constantly, and the result was that the Consolidated Global Group evolved to where Grant and Rethea, along with Rob Lowe, Natal da Graca and Victor Cruse, all of whom had been staunch supporters of the Consolidated Global VISION since 2012, all applied their various talents and special skills, with the result that in 2014 it was decided to engage in a spread of economically productive activities as a Group, which operations were ceased from 2015 to 2017 June for personal reasons, and reengaged in July 2017 to date, where the CGG Group is now a fully-fledged, operational and global operation.