Corporate Governance

Controlling and managing an operation such as the CGG Group requires a permanent corporate governance operation on an ongoing basis. It is with this in mind that the Main Bard have appointed three strategic corporate governance divisions to ensure absolute compliance at all times with any and all regulatory as well as Company Rules while the Board can focus on managing the Group operations. These Corporate Governance Entities are:

Forensic Fraud & Audit Committee: This Committee has the right to walk into any CGG Group Office worldwide, do ad hoc audits and in the event of a whistle blower / fraud report, to immediately shut down a division, suspend the Heads of the Department, right up to the Main Board, and do a forensic audit on the division with a view to ensuring absolute compliance with all legislation and rules.

Compliance & Legal Committee: This Committee has the right to do exactly as the FF&AC has, and enjoys additional powers with oversight over all legal, labour and compliance adherence and requirements the Group divisions have to comply with at all times.