The Varun Group and Consolidated Global Group have founded the Mascareignes Farmers Cooperative and will be advertising for 30 South African farming families to emigrate to Madagascar as Farm Managers for the first 100,000 hectare project, and will then soon be inviting investment from farmers who have EURO275,000 cash to invest and local farmers in Madagascar, to join the Farmers Cooperative, where the benefits and support to be offered by the Cooperative is geared towards the success of our farmers. To prove our intentions and commitment, the Mascareignes Farming Cooperative will lay out 30 farms of circa 3000 hectares each, where the COOPERATIVE will employ Farm Managers for 10 of the 30 farms and 20 Farmers can apply to run their own farms under the Cooperative Rules & Support, which includes credit lines up to Euro3 Million, and a 10 hectare section will be dedicated towards building farming villages for each 100,000 hectare farming cooperative, with retail outlets, schools, a church, post office, leisure and entertainment facilities (Club House) and more to accommodate every family need and requirement. The cooperative will additionally establish their offices, storage & packing warehouses, test laboratories, crop testing and training center for skills development and the Cooperative Buying & Provision Warehouse on this 10,000 hectare section.