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The Global Logistics operations is the most involved of all of the CGG Group operations and the development of World Bank accredited SEZ HUBS where the Consolidated Global Group Regional Head Office operations are situated. The ‘heart beat’ of the Consolidated Global Group operations, these SEZ HUBS control all the import / export, processing & packaging and regional logistics / warehousing / distribution in their regions of all goods and products imported and exported by the CGG Divisions across the board.

The development of world class Special Economic Zones through which all products that are imported and exported can be subjected to stringent quality control processes, processed and packaged where possible, and all pricing, logistics management, movements and delivery can be managed and monitored to ensure compliance with global standards, lowered operating costs and seamless service delivery to our global operations, clients and partners.

We are seeking applications from trucking and freight management companies wishing to expand, sell or be included on our data base for inclusion into one of our SEZ HUBS planned in Madagascar (Mascareignes & India), Botswana (SADEC), Ghana (ECOWAS), Kenya (COMESA), Egypt (MENA), UK & EU and the Bajamas, (North & South Americas) with pertinence to the following:

The African Free Trade Zone (AFTZ) is a free trade zone announced at the EAC-SADC-COMESA Summit on 22 October 2008 by the heads of Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the East African Community (EAC). The African Free Trade Zone is also referred to as the African Free Trade Area in some official documents and press releases.

In May 2012 the idea was extended to also include ECOWAS, ECCAS and AMU.

In June 2015, at the African Union Summit in South Africa, negotiations were launched to create a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) with all 54 African Union states by 2017.[2]



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