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Latest News

Latest News

  • The Consolidated Global Group is expanding their global portfolio and seek additional partners globally to become a part of our organization!
  • Consolidated Global Group UK is making a bid to acquire a mixed use estate for redevelopment based on their UK planning to establish the CGG Group Head Offices in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Consolidated Global Group is in advanced negotiations to buy a UK based company that specializes in Aerospace Technical Maintenance & Servicing
  • Consolidated Global Group Botswana is in negotiations to acquire a complex that will shortly be refurbished into the first African central SEZ HUB and retail distribution centre servicing the SADEC region with the provision of products online and in store through the Consolidated Retail Holdings outlets and online facility
  • Consolidated Global Group is in the process of negotiating to acquire a significant section of land in Madagascar on which to develop a new international Finance, Import & Export City with it’s own international Airport, Deep Water Harbour, Oil Terminal, Cruise Line Terminal, Luxury hotel resorts, Villas, Apartments, Hospital & University and Retirement Complex for international Expats. MOST Southern and Central African capital cities only 6 hours away!
This Service is in Under Maintenance. For Query Kindly Contact Us
This Service is in Under Maintenance. For Query Kindly Contact Us
This Service is in Under Maintenance. For Query Kindly Contact Us
This Service is in Under Maintenance. For Query Kindly Contact Us
This Service is in Under Maintenance. For Query Kindly Contact Us

The CGG Healthcare division is seeking opportunities to invest, acquire and partner with healthcare professionals globally. Our Healthcare division engagement is varied and diverse, and we offer opportunities in the following to Government and Private companies seeking to partner with top professionals capable of achieving and providing the highest standards of service delivery within the healthcare market globally. We are looking for investment and partnership opportunities in private and State Hospitals, Clinics and Cosmetic / Reconstructive Surgery entities.

The CGG Healthcare operation targets investment into the new development or acquisition on any equity or debt/equity and management opportunity in: Hospitals, Clinics, Primary Care Centers, High Care Centers, Dental & Medical Practice Partnerships and Funding, Innovative Medicine Development as well as Pharmaceutical and Drug development opportunities and strategies.

CGG Healthcare believe that every person is entitled to medical care of the highest standard and we welcome inquiries from African and all other Governments to entertain Public Private Partnership strategies involving our taking over existing state hospitals and clinics where we will upgrade, re-equip, manage and operate all these institutions on a basis where 20% of the facility will be for CGG Medical Insurance Clients and the remaining 80% will be admitted and cared for under a National Health Capitation Care Scheme that we will introduce concurrently to the local economy we partner with.

The CGG Healthcare NHS model involves all members being subscribed to our Capitation National Health Care Plan where all members will be allocated which Primary care Center to visit, (Staffed with Doctors, Dentists, Opticians, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Social Workers) who are the first point of contact with the National Healthcare Scheme, who can be referred to a Day Clinic, a Regional Hospital and for more complex surgical and specialized medical care, a National Hospital where their medical requirements will be attended to.

We invite all private medical professionals and healthcare practitioners, hospital, high care and support services, laboratories, X Ray and Pathology as well as pharmacy and pharma distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers to submit applications for partnerships, funding and participation to the CGG Group Global Healthcare division on: admin@consolidatedglobalgroup.com and simply write HEALTHCARE in the info bar.



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