Our Strategy

As a Group we realize the enormity of what we are taking on, specifically in the African context. However, we also – as Africans ourselves – are well aware of the strengths of the African psyche and what works for Africa. It is with this knowledge that we have developed a partnership strategy of using a cooperative model based on the old South African Farming Cooperative model that we have ‘tweaked’ slightly to incorporate African customs and values.

By establishing a series of SEZ HUBS across Africa, with each HUB investing into and managing the activities in the countries surrounding each HUB, all of which are based in strategic Treaty Regions, will allow the CGG Group to not only invest into but also to participate in a managed partnership strategy where through the use of the Group Cooperative & SEZ HUB strategy, we can control the import / export of goods and products, ensure quality standards are maintained and that all goods require processing will be, within financial, economic and industrial constraints, be processed prior to export.