SAG AIR is being launched as a passenger focused operation offering flights to and from 3 HUBS initially, said being Madagascar servicing the Macareignes & East Africa, Botswana & the 11 SADEC member states and Prestwick International Airport as our HUB into the UK / EU markets. Our starter fleet will be as follows:

  • 3 x Boeing 737 800 aircraft in Botswana
  • 1 x Boeing 737 500 aircraft in Madagascar
  • 1 x ATR 72 in Botswana and 1 x ATR 72 Madagascar
  • 1 x Boeing 777 200ER in Botswana to fly to Prestwick International
  • 1 x Boeing 777 200ER to fly to Mumbai in India

*Routes are still under negotiation and aircraft allocation could change / increase; Our live booking engine, IATA & ATOL as well as all other accreditation’s, insurance and licensing will be displayed as well as our Africa wide ticketing engine, by mobile, PC and kiosk, will be available at this date!