SAG Haulage has been founded with several divisions in, with the sole purpose of ensuring that our commodities and products, both imported and those exported, reach their destination on time, every time! Consisting of a series of divisions involving heavy ling distance haulage, road passenger services *(Luxury Coaches), regional and local haulage as well as delivery and courier services, SAG Haulage is 20% own vehicles and staff and 80% Owner Drivers, who are contracted to SAG Haulage to drive for the Group. Interested applicants can send an email to and can apply to (Put “SAG OWNER DRIVER + the DIVISION you are interested in and your COUNTRY, into the HEADING and the appropriate account manager will contact you

SAG LONG HAUL: SAG Long haul is our long distance inter country services where we transport freight between countries and destinations predominantly in Southern Africa, and the UK / EU. With a focus on outsourcing our haulage requirements, we have a strong operations center that focuses on Load Outsourcing to independent and owner driver contractors that are willing to (i) contract permanently to SAG Long Haul, (ii) contract on an ad hoc basis to SAG Long haul or (iii) become a SAG Long Haul Owner Driver, where the Consolidated Global Group has arrangements with dealers in new and pre-owned trucks and trailer to acquire units for accredited owner drivers who have a proven track record in managing a trucking operation (even if one unit) and has a deposit of Euro275,000 which allows CGG Gorup to (i) assist the owner driver to acquire a nearly new vehicle, get insured, have a fuel card issued with credit, and even for the first 6 months give the driver a salary while starting off, as well as assisting with all insurance, maintenance and management costs of owning and operating a rig.