SAG Leasing

Heads of State: SAG Leasing has been established to provide aircraft on an ACMI and even fully management operational basis, including fuel and costs, to Heads of State in Africa for Private Jets for Government use, where SAG Leasing will provide a fully branded private jet to the sitting Head of State for the term of his tenure as such, on a fixed rate per month, offering up to 60 operating flight hours, against a monthly cash payment, an acceptable bank guarantee or even a proven mining concession that can be exploited immediately.

Airline Start Ups: SAG Leasing is also in the business of partnering with or providing aircraft on an ACMI basis to ‘start up’ airlines that can provide a suitable deposit and payment guarantee. In the event that a new operator wishes to launch but does not have the aircraft or know how to do so, SAG Leasing is ready to assist with the initial feasibility survey, route management road-map, ticketing, AOC and provision of aircraft, crews and local crew and ground staff recruitment and training. We invite applications from parties wishing to entertain investing in airline startup operations who have cash deposits available, to make application to us on

Private Corporation Managed Leasing: Companies wanting to acquire a private jet but do not wish to lay out the many millions involved in such an exercise, can either enter a managed ACMI Wet Lease for an agreed number of hours a month *(60 max) or if their requirement will be less, they can even share with another company, and use the jet on an ad hoc basis, selling the unused hours back to the Charter Division and in so doing offset their monthly payment. *(A Gulfstream V would cost circa USD$1.5M per month on a Managed Operating Wet Lease where to acquire and operate one would cost in the region of USD$6500 pm with all the costs of financing, etc)