SAG Management

A marine operation requires management services, and in this CGG Group has established their own management office in Madagascar to cater to and for the requirements of all the watercraft in the Group Portfolio. We will source and provide crews, arrange bunkering, refueling, harbour services, insurance and sailing management functions ADDITIONAL to which the Company has acquired a specialist, purpose built security vessel that has an on-board hospital, can accommodate up to 32 staff in luxury cabins and can stay at sea for up to 90 days at a time. This vessel will perform all EMS functions in the region, protecting our and all other ships in the area, providing anti-piracy, emergency medical, evacuation, distressed ship support and security patrols in the region to ensure that our clients, super yacht owners and fishing vessels, cruise passengers, ALL have the comfort of knowing that there is a vessel patrolling the seas near to them, ready to respond to any emergency, providing armed, medical, and all response support to cater fro any emergency. This vessel even has a fully equipped operating theater aboard, and was previously used by the USA Navy Seals special forces as a training vessel. The vessel will be operated by SAG Marine but the EMS Response staff will be provided by EMS 247 Global, another CGG Group Company. *(Find us under HEALTHCARE)