Super Yachts

We are entering the dangerous waters of super and mega yacht sales and leasing, where we are launching our YachtShare program designed to make super-yacht holidays available to the average family. While we are not active in the global yacht markets one of our projects entails building the biggest and best equipped, most luxuriously appointed super-yacht marina i Africa, and possibly compatible globally with most marinas, it is our intention to open the African waters to the more adventurous wishing to experience a holiday in the Mascareignes off the East Coast of Africa. We intend to buy several super yachts over the next year and to sell co-ownership options on a finance scheme where the entry level buy in for one week is Euro275,000, and which is also the total cost of ownership for the year! NO surprises, NO additional costs, all you need for a week on your very own super yacht in the Indian Ocean *(and we will soon be active in 6 regions globally) is a starting investment of EURO275000 to EURO750,000 for a top week package, and you can enjoy your very own super yacht on a co-ownership scheme where each owner gets THREE (3) months a year usage, which meas you can charter the yacht out for two of the 3 months and use the other month through the year on a per-reservation basis, as YOUR OWN YACHT!